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Rummy ARES APK | Rummy ARES App | Signup Bonus Rs-51: Friends, today I will tell you about one such online gaming application in which you get many such features. With this application you can earn money from the comfort of your home. This application is so great that till now lakhs of people have downloaded it and are earning money from it. In this you get different types of bonuses from which you can earn good money.

If you were looking for such an application which can earn you thousands of rupees every day and is also the most reliable then you are reading the right article. Today we will give you complete information about all the features of this application and how to earn money, so you must read this article till the end.

About Rummy ARES APK

Friends, this is a Rummy Game named Rummy ARES APK, it has been downloaded by millions of people till now and their review has been positive. In this application, you get the feature of adding ₹ 10 along with the sign-up bonus.

More features like Game Rebate, Super Weekly Card, Super Monthly Card, VIP Bonus Feature, First Recharge Rewards are available in this application, which makes this application much better than other applications.

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How To Download Rummy ARES APK

Friends, to earn money from this application, you have to download it on your smartphone and play the game.

Now we are telling you an easy way to download this application, through which you will be able to download it very easily in the smartphone.

  • If you want to download Rummy ARES APK, then click on the Download button shown below.
  • On clicking this button, you will see that another website has been opened on your mobile screen.
  • In this, you will see the download mark at one place on the side. You have to download Rummy ARES APK on your smartphone by clicking on that mark.
  • As soon as the Rummy ARES APK is downloaded, you should install it on your smartphone.


How To Create Account In Rummy ARES Apk

Friends, now we are telling you an easy way to create an account in Rummy ARES APK. Friends, for your information, let me tell you that unless you create your account in this application, you will not be able to earn any kind of bonus and money from this application.

  • To create an account, now you have to open the application. After opening the application, you have to click on the Login button.
  • After clicking on this button, you will see the options of Guest Login and Mobile Login.
  • To get the bonus, you have to select the option with mobile login.
  • After clicking on this option, you will have to enter your mobile number and password.
  • After entering the password, you will see an OTP button there, clicking on it, an OTP message will be sent to your mobile number.
  • As soon as you verify that message with the game, your account will be created and you will also get the welcome bonus of ₹ 51 immediately.

How Many Available Game IN Rummy ARES

Friends, this application simply means that you have to play the game by placing a bet in it, that’s why you get about 19 different types of entertaining games in this application.

  1. ICC T20
  2. Dragon Tiger Fight
  3. Car Roulette
  4. 7 Up Down
  5. Zoo Roulette
  6. CRASH
  7. Ander Bahar
  8. Roulette
  9. Rummy
  10. Baccarat
  11. Black Jack
  12. LUDO
  13. Teen Patti 20-20
  14. Best Of Five
  15. Ander Bahar Go
  16. Fruit Line
  17. Poker
  18. Fishing Rush
  19. Variation
  20. 10 Cards
  21. Teen Patti
  22. 3 Card Poker

How To Add Money In Rummy ARES Apk

Friends, now I am going to tell you about a very important step. If you are thinking of adding money in Rummy ARES APK. So you must read this method of ours once because we have told below one such method by which you will be able to add money in Rummy ARES APK without any problem.

  • When you go to add money in Rummy ARES APK, then you will get an option named ADD MONEY on which you have to click.
  • After clicking on this option, options ranging from ₹ 11 to ₹ 1001 will appear.
  • From these, select the option of the amount of money you want to add.
  • After selecting the money, you select the payment method and add money by clicking on the button ADD CHIP.

How To Withdrawal Cash In Rummy ARES Apk

Friends, sometimes many people have to face the problem of withdrawing money from the application, so we have come up with such a simple way for you that you will not have any problem in withdrawing money.

  • To withdraw cash, open the application and click on the Withdrawal button on the home page.
  • Now you have to fill the amount to be withdrawn in the open option.
  • (Friends, but you have to note one thing here that you can withdraw at least ₹ 100 in your bank account from the application itself.)
  • As soon as you fill the amount, you will get the option to add a bank account, in which you have to fill your bank account information or UPI ID information correctly.
  • After filling this much information, you click on the Withdrawal key button and withdraw your money.

Referrals Program Commission In Rummy ARES

Friends, did you know that you can earn money by referring this application as well. Yes friends, you can also earn money by referring this application. You get a lot of money even after referring this application.

If you want to earn money by referring this application, then open the application and select the option of Refer and ARES.

Now you will see a new interface in front of you with a share option. You have to click on this share option and share this application with your friends.

This application gives you a bonus of ₹ 100 for sharing the application to a friend. But when your friend downloads this application and creates an account in it, then only this application will give you a bonus of ₹ 100.

Friends, one more thing when your friend will add money to Rummy ARES APK to play the game, then now you will get 30% commission of his added money.

Game Rebate Program In Rummy ARES

This is a very useful option for every single player because with the help of this option you can get some percentage return of the money invested in your game.

When you play the game between ₹ 500 to ₹ 200000 in Rummy ARES APK, then you get a return bonus of 0.1% like the application. On the other hand, if you play the game above ₹ 200000, then you will get a return bonus of 0.2%.

Weekly Bonus Cards In Rummy ARES

Friends, in this application you also get two types of cards, by purchasing which you can get a lot of profit.

Super Weekly Cards: You have to purchase this card for ₹ 200 and you get a profit of ₹ 70 within 1 week.

Super Monthly Card: If you want to buy this card of this application, then you have to buy ₹ 980 and in 1 month you will get a profit of ₹ 300.

VIP Bonus Feature In Rummy ARES

If you want to get even more Free Bonus in Rummy ARES APK then you have to get VIP Membership. You will have to spend ₹ 500 to buy a VIP member ship.

When you buy a VIP plan, then you get a variety of free bonuses from Daily Bonus to Level Bonus, which makes you a lot of profit.

Earn Unlimited Real Cash In ICC Men’s T-20 World Cup

If all of you users have good knowledge about cricket then you can earn straw income in this application. In ischemic application you get facility to earn money by betting in cricket game. You can earn money by betting on your favorite team. In this application you can charge from ₹ 200 to ₹ 12000. Apart from this, you can get 2% commission separately by promoting this gaming application by inviting your friends, relatives and other people to join.

Daily Bonus Features In ARES Rummy APK

You can get free bonus ranging from 10 paise to ₹ 100 every day through the Daily Bonus features in this gaming application. In this gaming application you have to activate VIP membership account to get free bonus. After activating VIP membership account you can get maximum free bonus daily. The more VIP membership accounts you upgrade to your account, the more free bonuses you can get through the Daily Bonus features.

Customer Support In Rummy ARES Game

Friends, in Rummy ARES APK, you get 24 hours customer support of Live Chat. This gives us the advantage that if we face any problem in playing the game at any time, then we can get the solution of our problem immediately by talking to the customer support officer of Rummy ARES APK.

Note: Friends, now I want to tell you one important thing about Rummy ARES APK that Rummy ARES APK is a gambling game. You may be at financial risk in using this application. That’s why we advise you to do so at your own risk if you want to use this application.


Friends, in today’s article that’s all, today we have given you information about Rummy ARES APK, Rummy ARES App, Download Rummy ARES APK, Download Rummy ARES App, ARES Rummy APK, Rummy ARES Game. We hope that today’s information will prove useful to you. You will earn thousands of rupees comfortably by downloading this application. If you are facing any kind of problem from creating an account, then you will read our article once again. We have given you the solutions to almost all the problems. Go to Download Page...

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